Infinite Behavioral Health is a private group practice facility providing a vast array of services to the mental health and substance abuse population. Our clinical and diagnostic services will provide our clients the skills needed to reclaim their life, while promoting self-confidence to face life’s challenges and succeed at personal goals, in addition to improving relationships with others.

Infinite Behavioral Health implements holistic approaches customized specifically to meet the needs of each client. Coaching our clients to recognize addictive behaviors and self-destructive thoughts is key to their recovery/success. Our goal in every phase of treatment is to teach our clients positive coping skills that reduce relapse, create positive outcomes and encourage them to rebuild their lives and personal relationships with others. Providing the ability to see infinite possibilities for a healthier and sober future is our core goal and ultimate purpose.

At Infinite Behavioral, we believe setbacks are fewer if psychological, medical, and interpersonal issues are managed properly. Our goals are about wellness, health, and new possibilities. Addiction is a deviation from health; it is a disease, not a moral failing. People who work on a holistic and comprehensive approach to this disease are more successful in combating their addictions. People who gain insight into their mental health issues also become successful in combating those personal challenges.

Don’t let mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, life stressors, trauma, anger, and/or addictions continue to control your life. If you need help, want to inquire about our services, or make an appointment, call us at 954-923-9111. We will work with you to provide affordable treatment that supports you in your journey of wellness, health, and freedom from addiction.

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